Our Story



The concept of Desroch evolved over a period of a decade while the extensive travel to source the lighting & decorative from across the world. We are privileged to be worked with world renowned brands and design heavy weights across the globe for various capacity which engifted the design taste buds of the founders and fall in love with arts and designs and Desroch is finally born to inspire you.

Desroch is specializing on bringing you the top of the range urban furniture’s, trendy living products and luxe art décor elements in the industry. We know precisely what means a good design is and we do everything to make quality manufacturing. Rest assured that no shortcuts are taken in manufacturing to make sure our products meets your expectations and beyond.


Desroch is a humble effort to empower artisans and support the real handcrafted arts to the world. We do ethical sourcing and direct manufacturing through our associations with artisan houses, creative craftsman's, artists, women empowerment NGOS, government skill development centers mainly from India and then from other countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia etc. We also work with famous designers to create unique designer range products and help upcoming talents to get worldwide reach.


Our concept is to make exquisite designs made by relatively unknown talents to the world. We work extensively with highly skilled artisans to create exceptional product lines which is uniquely affordable luxury. The artifacts and arts is curated from across the world by working closely with both famous and upcoming artists. We handpicked the collection which matches our Desroch style to match rest of the collections in the family.


Desroch story goes back to 16 years when the founder started working with high end brands and world famous designers. We are privileged to create various art forms, custom designs, sculptures, architectural signs, artistic objects, bespoke lightings etc. on our journey through years. Our constant work life relationship with designers and architects influenced our inner sense of passion towards the creative arts. Our years expertise in manufacturing, sourcing, branding, quality control, distribution, design and project supply chain management which put together to create DESROCH – Artistic lifestyle.

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